As if the free mentoring wasn't enough...
Check you these prizes available to inspo's mentees!

All our promotions are automatic entry - just do the required tasks listed!

Win a £50 Amazon Voucher

Automatically enter a prize draw when you earn your first mentee badge on inspo. Not sure how to earn your badge? Access your portal for instructions!

To enter:
1. Create an inspo account if you haven't already
2. Earn a badge by conducting a mentoring session with any mentor, remember to mark it as complete on your progress bar!
3. That's it! You'll automatically be entered into our prize draw!

Entries Open for UK Based Students

Expires February 28th
Photography Masterclass

Thinking of signing up to inspo? Every sign up in the month of February will give you an automatic entry to win a masterclass from a professional photographer! Just sign up here and you'll be good to go!

To enter:
1. Sign up to inspo anytime before 4:00 PM GMT on the 28th of February
2. That's it! You're automatically entered into the draw!

Entries Open for UK Based Students

Expires February 28th
Golden Ticket Mentor

One mentor has been assigned as your "golden ticket". The first mentee to connect with that mentor and hold 3 mentoring sessions with them will win a special prize! Move fast, it's first come first served!

We'll notify the winner via email!

To enter:
1. Connect with any mentor you want mentoring from
2. Conduct 3 sessions with that mentor, using your progress bar to mark sessions off as complete
3. If they are the golden ticket mentor, you'll receive an email after confirming your 3rd session notifying you of your win!

Entries Open for UK Based Students

Renews March 31st